ECU SERIES Electric Linear Actuator - Inline Motor - Range: (0,25-60 kN)


ECU SERIES Electric Linear Actuator Catalogue- Inline Motor (ECU0, ECU4, ECU5, ECU6, ECU7)

ECU SERIES Electric Linear Actuator IN-LINE-mounted motor - Range: (0,25-60 kN)

Electric Linear Actuator featuring IN-LINE-mounted motor - (with or without precision planetary gearbox), for industrial applications.

In-line Series ECU (0,25-60 kN)

High efficiency Electric Linear Actuator, featuring in-line motorization (with or without precision planetary gearbox), suitable for industrial applications.

5 different sizes (ECU0, ECU4, ECU5, ECU6, ECU7).
Wide range of linear Force/Speed couples for each size.
Max nominal force up to 60 kN.
Max linear speed up to 466 mm/sec.
“T” version, featuring Trapezoidal spindle (self-locking).
“S” version, featuring Ball Screw spindle (high efficiency).
Powered by AC/3-phases/IP54 motor.
Duty Cycle 25%.
Grease lubricated
Rugged industrial build provides top performances together with highest reliability, to meet the most demanding applications in harsh and severe environments.
Wide range of standard accessories.
Special executions on request, please contact us.

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